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For our first newsletter Chisme Corner we’re talking Starz series Vida. This hit series tells the story of two Chicana sisters who come home to run the family bar after their mother does. Along the way they learn about family, love, and a whole lot of topics that any podcast could cover.

So, sit back, relax, and join us in breaking down a few podcast ideas for your next episode!

  1. Intimacy of brown and queer people 

Vida is chock full of topics related to the brown and queer community inside of the Latinx community. Emma in particular has to deal with feelings of isolation, distrust, and anger towards herself and others in the community. As a queer woman inside of the Latinx community who is often referred to as a tourist, this doubles the pressure to conform on her shoulders. Podcasters can break down what it means and feels like to be queer and brown in a community that itself has stereotypes that are harmful to this inside said community. They can also discuss what it means to see this queer and brown content on our screens in a way we’ve never seen before, especially geared towards Latinx people.

  1. Coconut Barbies and other stigmas inside Latinx community

Stigmas inside the Latinx community divide said community and leave us separated when we should be united against forces that are trying to destroy our way of living. In Vida, stigmas lead to Lyn being called a coconut Barbie just because she doesn’t fall into the cookie cutter way of being a Chicana woman. For that, she is looked down upon and seen as being non Latina enough by her peers inside the community. That alienation can lead podcasters down a road of self discovery where they can talk about growing up in the “Land of the Free” while keeping their traditions close to home. That can be further expanded by bringing up other stigmas prevalent in the Latinx community like destigmatization of mental health, grief, and more.

  1. Timely show about gentrification

Vida covers gentrification in a way I’ve never seen before: from the inside and from your own people. Emma and Lyn are constantly accused of helping the destruction of their community via a bar that doesn’t stand for traditional Latinx views. Podcasters can take this topic of gentrification from the inside out and discuss what it means to them to be seeing this on Vida and how it personally affects their own lives and communities. They can also talk about their changing neighborhoods and how gentrification is a dividing factor among communities because it doesn’t help everyone in said community. 

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.Starz Vida: A Podcasters Guide