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Podcaster’s Name: Nicole Fernandez

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The Daring Kind is the podcast that helps ordinary people dare to live extraordinary lives. A corporate marketing expert turned conscious entrepreneur and certified hypnotherapist, host Nicole Hernandez will help you get unstuck from fears, insecurities, unsupportive habits and limiting beliefs — everything that holds you back from leveling up in your life.

Each week, you’ll dig into topics that will support your inner and external transformation, ranging from the power of dares & play, neuroscience & subconscious rewiring, entrepreneurship, intuition, marketing, monetization, messaging, relationships and communication. The podcast also features interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, influencers, marketers, wellness experts, and other notable guests who have dared to own their extraordinary life.

Every episode reminds you to #keepdaring because you have nothing to lose but fear.

Language Used in Podcast: English

Country: US

State: NY

City: Long Island City

Latin American Heritage: Mexico