Project Description

Podcaster’s Name: Rita Bautista

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Hosted by Rita Bautista, CEO + Latinx Startup Founder of the Latina Podcasters Network. Empodera Latina Podcast documents empowering stories from Latina/Latinx founders, CEO, entertainers, risk takers and trailblazers on their life style experiences, career choices, entrepreneurship hussle, and Latina boldness that keeps them movtivated. This weekly podcast talks to influencial Latinas and Latinx community members in all industries to find out what Empodera Latina (empower latinas) means to them and how la cultura (with our culture) lives within them daily.
Empodera Latina Podcast is the bilingual flagship podcast of the Latina Podcasters Network and a production of Cirque Maya Media.

Language Used in Podcast: Englishm + Spanish

Country: US

State: TX

City: Houston

Latin American Heritage: Honduras