You’re in the middle of an episode of your favorite podcast, you’re feeling good and empowered and suddenly, you have a thought. “Maybe I should start a podcast?”. Well, you’re not alone.

According to Edison Infinite Research Dial, in the last two years the podcast industry has grown at such a rapid pace seeing a spike from 550,000 podcasts in 2018 to 30 million currently in 2020. 

So, how do you grow your audience and spread the word? Marketing. 

Marketing on Instagram

First things first, where will you share updates, new episodes, and all the things regarding your podcast?

Instagram for example, is usually a great go-to with over half of current daily users (99firms), so you know there’s an audience.

Be sure that in your bio you are leading with a clear and concise mission statement that lets others know the purpose, industry, and whom your podcast is here to serve. Here’s a quick example:

“Helping female entrepreneurs make more money by doing less while making an impact online.”

Here, you are letting the world know that your podcast covers topics that will help females with online businesses increase their profits by working fewer hours and still making an impact with their own audience.

This is extremely important because it attracts your future listeners, even before you launch.

Cultivating an audience Pre-Launch

Showing your audience the behind the scenes of setting up your equipment, learning new software, recording your trailer episode, and even creating your cover art, are all creative ways to get your audience excited but even more importantly — invested.

Making them more willing to engage with you and of course share your podcast in the future.

Keeping your Audience Engaged

Really it’s about creating consistent anticipation. Here’s are some ideas:

  • Share behind the scenes when producing then next episode.
  • Ask your audience what topics they would love to hear about in the next episode.
  • Share the news about your latest episode both in feed and stories and encourage your audience to save and share!
  • Consistently interact with other podcasters and communities on Instagram.

By continuously staying in touch with your audience and keeping them in the loop, they will not only become loyal fans but also become invested in your business.

Podcasting to Grow your Business

Podcasting really is a marketing tool and although it can become its own independent revenue down the line, yet making it the focal point of your own strategy can boost sales in your business — now.

How? By selling on your podcast.

Say, one of your business goals for next month to release an Ebook to help female business owners work fewer hours and increase their revenue.

Therefore, this month, producing episodes covers topics that will not relate to your ideal client but also get them interested, excited, and eager to learn more in-depth about the topic, is essential.

By providing a sneak peek about your offer, selling becomes natural and authentic. Which in turn, creates trust between you and your listeners.

As a result, when your offer goes live — it sells.


Podcasting can be a fun way to grow, engage, and help you connect with your audience and potential clients which makes it essential for marketing your business. 

Coming up with an idea and creating your podcast can be really fun but also a lot of work which makes it even more key to implement and execute a well thought out and purposeful marketing strategy.

How are you currently marketing your business?


Yasmin Vasquez
Copywriter & Brand Strategist 

Founder ▪︎ Golden Light Startup