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Podcasting is now one of the most talked about forms of media because it  provides a platform for various creators to connect with their listeners based on their interests. Podcasts provide a unique  and intimate listening experience to its audience.

155 million Americans have listened to podcasts.

104 million Americans listen to podcasts every week

45% of Podcast listeners have a household income of over $75,000


There are 28 million Latinas living in the U.S. That’s 17% of the total U.S. female population. We’re injecting close to 2 trillion dollars into the U.S. economy. We can deliver bilingual content. Our numbers and impact continue to grow daily…


Partnering with us ensures:

  • Credible sources for Latina + Latinx Women Podcasters
  • Largest Latina Podcast Directory
  • Built in influence and authentic organic reach

Latina Podcasters is the first and leading established podcasting network of Latinas and Latinx women. Because our podcasters get complete creative control, they deliver authentic connections and especially crafted ads to their audiences and listenership of the Latina and Latinx community. We are the voices that Latinas want to hear!

We believe in a global brand monetization model. Our 48 Podcasters are not just podcasting, they have built online communities. They are business owners and have reached their audiences, on and off the microphone. This ensures that your company gets a unique way to connect to the Latina and Latinx community.

We ensure to find the right partnership match.  Whether we invite our members to apply for opportunities or hand-select a perfect match for you, we have access to connecting podcasters in all genres to fit your business needs. 

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