Dating During Social DIstancing and COVID-19

Being in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t fun, I think we can all agree on that. But balancing the dating scene when we are being ordered to social distance and stay at home makes dating even harder. Since we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, it is important to make sure to put yourself and your mental health first. Always remember to not push yourself if you truly want to date and get to know other individuals you are putting the time into and it will happen naturally. If you’re worried about how to keep up with that special someone you have been going on dates with or worried about how to strengthen the connection(s) you have made throughout the last couple of weeks or months we’ve got a few tips for you. 

Be Gentle and Easy on yourself: Let’s be honest, we are all going through a lot right now. It is needless to say that most of the world’s population has not experienced a pandemic before and these are some interesting times to navigate. Since the new term social distancing has come into play, we have seen changes left and right.. On the news shars a roller coaster of information, all you hear is negative things, from new findings of the virus to rising statistics. All of this chaos can take a toll on people, and we all will have a different reaction. To some people this pandemic is a gift in disguise because they get to stay home, better a skill, spend time with family, all while still having a job or being on paid leave. For others, this time of isolation might bring a rise in stress levels, anxiety, and even different mental issues they may be suffering from. Because of this remember to be gentle and easy on yourself as well as others. 

Be honest about your intentions: Be real with the person you are getting to know. Be honest and communicate iif you change your mind about the relationship or where the relationship is going. It is understandable if you want or need to focus on other aspects of your life, not only now while in the middle of a pandemic but always. If you’re not looking for a relationship at all, communicate that to the other party. Make sure to also let them know if they are actually looking for a relationship so that there is clarity about your intentions and  there are no mixed signals.

Make plans to spend time together in safe and healthy ways

With everything slowly starting to re-open, restaurants, malls, and movie theaters at still not opened all the way and fully functional. This may feel like there maybe nothing to do and nowhere to go to make a date night fun, some people might not even feel comfortable enough to leave their house to go on a date, and that’s ok. You can spend time together while being apart. Dinner over Facetime call, Movie night using the Netflix Party extension, game night on House Party app, or workout together over a video call. There is also going for an old fashioned walk, you’d be surprised what you can get to know about the person when they have to talk to you. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself 

If things don’t work out remember to stay positive! Everything happens for a reason. Take this time to focus on bettering yourself in every way possible. Dating and relationships can take a lot out of someone, mentally and emotionally. So if things don’t work out, keep a positive mindset and remember the most important person to focus on is you.