Mission: Amplify Latinas y Latinx Mujeres.

Latina Podcasters Network™ support, develop, connect and amplify the stories, experiences and voices of mujeres latinx.

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Latina Podcasters Network was created because as the podcasting industry continues to grow, discoverability for podcasters becomes a challenge. As the leading global podcast network for Latinas and Latinx women who podcast, our mission is to create easier discoverability and modern monetization opportunities for the feminie voces latinas. 

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Our Team

Rita Bautista
Founder + CEO – Latina Podcasters Network™

As founder and ceo of the Latina Podcasters Network, Bautista connects aspiring and established Mujeres Latinas y Latinx Podcasters to global audiences and brands for monetization opportunites. Because she is  bold and innovative she was responsible for hosting the first Latina Podcasters meetup at any podcast convention.

Her passion and love for the podcasting industry came in 2019 when she launched her first podcast, now called Empodera Latina Podcast. This podcast was dedicated soley to empowering women by delivering motivational interviews and episodes. Her desire to keep growing in the podcast community and find cultural relevancy was the driving force to develop Latina Podcasters Network.

Latina Podcasters is the first and only global podcast network commited soley to amplifying the voices of Latinas and Latinx mujeres and ensuring they get paid market rate for their talent.

Bautista is a graduate of the University of New Orleans and has over a decade of experience serving on civic and non-profit boards representing Latinx voices in education, governement, business and sports.

Leslie Hernandez

Marketing Director

As an advocate for equity in education, Leslie Hernandez has committed over ten years in driving integrated marketing strategy for educational programs. Recently in Scholastic’s 100th year anniversary, she launched the company’s first comprehensive PreK program and remote K-8 summer learning program. Her entrepreneurial acumen extends beyond the workplace from consulting an MIT funded tech start-up to opening one of the first public schools of choice in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Hernandez is also passionate about empowering Latinas to unlock their full potential. She has spearheaded events and programs focused on advancing Latinas in college and their careers. Now, she is thrilled to join Latina Podcasters to grow its community and further the impact of authentic Latina and Latinx voices.

Hernandez holds an MS in Integrated Marketing from New York University and a BS from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.