How to Generate Wealth through Investing with Linda Garcia
How to Generate Wealth through Investing with Linda Garcia

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Latina Podcasters™ is a global podcast network of Latinas and mujeres Latinx on the rise – una hermandad con ganas. We believe it’s time that we gather, support, and share our podcasts and voices with the world. Join the network today to be part of the network that  redefines the media landscape and amplifies los episodios we want to hear.


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“Latina Podcasters is the non-official coaching group that I never knew I needed! Engaging with other Latina Podcasters has been the most positively impactful decision I’ve ever made. Joining this group has improved me as a person, as a business owner, and as a podcaster. -Gisel Martin, Business Strategist and Creator of Relate + Elevate Podcast”

Gisel Martin

“From the beginner podcasters to the most experienced ones, there is something of value for everyone. It is where the support, the shared knowledge, and the network work together to provide a place of belonging and accountability that promotes continuous improvement.  That, to me, is the LatinaPodcasters network. Welcome home.”


“I found Latina Podcasters just as I was starting to grow my podcast. This community is on a mission to see each one of us thrive. We look like you, we’re rooting for you, and we’re ready to grow with you. Join this amazing group of women to amplify your voice in the world of podcasts, and gain so much more in the process.”


“¡Ser miembro de Latina Podcasters ha sido una experiencia única! Tener la oportunidad de colaborar con otras podcasters y de aprender técnicas nuevas que pueden elevar mi podcast, además de intercambiar ideas y apoyarnos mutuamente es algo que no tiene precio.  Ya era tiempo que contáramos con una comunidad como Latina Podcasters para guía y orientación.  ¡Estoy convencida de que bajo el liderazgo de Rita Bautista, Latina Podcasters será un gran recurso para todos los podcasters Latinos!  Maritere R. Bellas, co-anfitriona Mamás 411 Podcast”


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